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How to start today a professional office

How to start a professional office of independent financial advice: providing an independent consultancy service on total assets, becoming the client’s “trustee”.

In over ten years in this business, we found that there was a "latent" need for financial advice to Italian investors: financial needs were never satisfied because of the conflict of interest bank or  sales networks have, as they must mediate the client's interests with the interests of their employers or agents.
Consultique has identified these needs and turned them into value-added services for investors (individuals and businesses) by transferring its knowledge to Consultique’s network of professionals or partners.
Consultancy is made up of a number of services ranging from investment analysis and research to general recommendations on financial instruments, from resource allocation to planning.
The provision of these services is free, the only service still lacking to be regulated is the “personalised recommendation on a specific financial instrument”, because of the absence in Italy of an official national register of fee only financial planners.
An  independent  financial planner is a professional that offers consultancy also beyond the pure financial issues. In more financially developed countries, a financial advisor (often called as Life Planner or Fee-Only Financial Planner) is the “trustee” of the client, the only referral point for each decision which can have an impact on his/her assets.
Consultique helps you to start your independent professional office, providing you with a wide range of support, such as:
  • Cost and time reduction of start-up phase
  • Daily interaction with our financial analysts regarding any issues
  • Access to all information, tools, softwares, and the new Consultique smart platform IFAnet 4.0
  • Networking and partnership development with professionals already operating  
  • Marketing and communication support   
  • Professional development
  • Ongoing support regarding new legislation and regulations concerning this profession
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