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Market potential

Market research has established that independent financial advisory services are required by most investors.
In particular, in the US market, according to the last CFP Board of Standards research (the most important organization in the world
within this sector), fee-only financial advisors represent the professional group that at least half of US investors need.
What is happening in Europe?
UK: ban on any inducement or commission for independent advisors
Germany: local authorities to remove all inducement for those areas that comprise financial advice
Switzerland: financial advisors will be considered independent only if they do not accept inducement or other commission from third parties
The Netherlands: local authorities have declared that they will remove inducement for every investment service
Spain: The CNMV website has just opened a section listing all independent financial advisory firms
Recent developments in independent financial consultancy, along with a strong increase in demand by investors, represent an
opportunity for those who want to offer consultancy and not sell investment products.


In the financial world, the selling of product involves the transfer of risk and commission to the customer: the higher the level of risk
transferred, the greater the fees collected by the agent for the product.
For example, the structured derivatives sold to companies, public and private administrations, have a higher commission than that of an equity fund, which in turn is higher than that of a bond fund, which in turn is higher than a money market fund and so on.
Investors, who often have difficulty understanding the products within their portfolio, are not always fully aware of the risk inherent in their investment.
Given its independence and significant expertise, Consultique is uniquely placed to provide high quality advice to assist its clients in rebalancing the risks involved in their investments.

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