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A fee-only financial planner will explain his/her services and communicate all information about his/her own professional relations with the client, specifying that the only source of remuneration will be exclusively from clients, and excluding any form of conflict of interest and being compliant in all transactions. In this manner, a fee-only financial planner receives no commission, rebate, inducement or bonus from third parties apart from the client’s fee.


A fee-only financial planner will provide professional services to clients with professional integrity. The concept of integrity implies that honesty, sincerity, and services shouldn’t depend on earnings. Moreover, the financial planner is committed to agree not to receive money or securities payable to him, to authorized intermediaries or to third parties, and to not carry out transactions on behalf of clients such as redemption, subscription and other similar operations.


A fee-only financial planner will be unbiased in providing advice to clients and will provide professional services with due prudence, intellectual honesty and impartiality. He/she is committed to providing appropriate information on the risks and costs involved in investments and in suggesting an investment strategy.


A fee-only financial planner will provide advisory services to his/her clients with adequate skills and professional know-how. He/she is committed to training and professional development, and participates in yearly training programs with the aim of improving his/her skills and attaining the highest standards.


A fee-only financial planner does not reveal any confidential information about professional relations with clients without the client’s consent. Thus, a fee-only consultant is committed to respecting confidentiality and professional secrets on all client information.


A fee-only financial planner cooperates with all clients’ interlocutors with the aim of achieving a complete financial picture for clients, thereby ensuring a complete and effective service so as to insure maximum satisfaction for its clients. An independent financial advisor is committed to collaborating with colleagues to promote the correct professional image of a fee-only financial planner.


A fee-only financial planner respects other professionals and believes in healthy and honest competition, and with regard to these issues, he/she is committed to reporting any illegal and improper behavior.


A fee-only financial planner will provide advisory services in a reasonably rapid and complete way, after full and due diligence. Moreover, a consultancy service comes from an effective client need followed up by an appropriate client profile advice.

According to D. Lgs. 196/03, the personal data collected will be used only to inform about the activities and initiatives of Consultique SCF S.p.A. and will not be communicated or disclosed to third parties. The providing of personal data is voluntary, but without personal data Consultique SCF S.p.A. will could not provide the services requested. Data subject may exercise its rights under Art. 7, D. Lgs. 196/03. Data Controller is Consultique SCF S.p.A. - Palazzo Candiani-Fagiuoli - Stradone San Fermo 22 - 37121 Verona (Italy).

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