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Planning services

Planning your finances with the support of Consultique allows you to protect your assets (not just financial) from the negative effects of the financial market, inflation erosion, and unexpected life events (job loss, company disruption, and health problems).
The right financial planning enables you to seek out opportunities in the markets without significantly putting your overall wealth at significant risk.
Here are some reasons to request an estate planning service:
  • To put your financial situation, social security and insurance in order
  • Being self-aware in your choices, thereby avoiding emotional factors and commercial pressure
  • Having a single interlocutor and gaining bargaining power with intermediaries
  • Protecting overall wealth and managing risks
  • Profitably managing inheritance and windfall assets
  • Creating a pension supplement that suits living standards
  • Achieving a correct fiscal optimization relative to financial assets

Necessities for correct planning are:
  • Balance sheet, income statement and cash flow analysis for the household
  • Retirement and insurance independent planning
  • Tax, real estate, and inheritance planning (in cooperation with other professionals)
  • Total assets protection planning to avoid potential causes of conflict
  • Debt analysis and evaluation (mortgage, leasing, and guarantees)

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