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Professional office features

An independent and fee-only financial professional office is an entity that, upon payment, provides services range from investment analysis and research in investment possibilities to general recommendations on financial instruments, from resources allocation to estate planning.
“Fee-only” identifies professionals who are paid only by clients, without any conflict of interest generated by the selling
of investment products.

This individual doesn’t receive inducement or commission from banks, insurance companies and others, because he doesn’t sell products but provides advice to clients.

  • The consultant doesn’t “touch” the client’s money
  • The client continues to use his/her own bank
  • The consultant doesn’t collect money from investors
  • Only the client carries out the buying and selling of financial instruments
  • The bank is only used for buying and selling transactions
  • Information for clients is provided by a professional office through their own independent channels  
  • A Professional Office directly produces analysis and research on investment products, and can also rely on the support of Consultique Study and Research Centre
An Independent financial professional office stands for some basic values:
1.  No conflict of interest: The consultant works only for his/her clients and not on behalf of a bank or sales network. This ensures impartial advice. A Professional Office receives a fee directly from client for its services provided, like a lawyer or an accountant.
2.  Professional  skills:  A  professional  office  team  attends  personalized  training  sessions  provided  by  analysts  of  the Consultique Studies and Research team and by industry experts. It can provide advice on a wide range of services ranging from finance, social security, insurance up to broader issues such as corporate and more complex cases of financial planning (for local authorities, foundations, etc..). He also assists law firms and accountants in issues that affect their clients.
3.  Efficiency,  Ethics  And  Transparency:  Primary objectives are the protection of investors from those financial operators affected by conflict of interest, removal all unnecessary costs that affect their assets and the selection of the best active and passive management products on the market. Assisted by the independent consultant, an investor will have a full knowledge of individual instruments that make up his/her assets and, in total transparency, will consciously manage their savings.

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