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The true value of Independent consultancy

Consultique is an independent financial consultancy firm, remunerated on fee base model directly by the client and independent of any banks, sales networks or other intermediaries.
In fact, in more than ten years in this business, we have found that individuals operating in the financial sector, are often "imprisoned" by conflict of economic interest that ties them to the bank or the sales network within which they operate and must mediate the client's interests with the interests of their employers in mind.  
Consultique’s primary objective is protection of assets from conflicts of interest as well as from turmoil in the financial market.
The investor keeps assets at his own bank and with the support and assistance of Consultique can form a clear and transparent picture of his investments.
He can also benefit from expert advice with a full awareness of the real risks of financial products and their costs and about any inefficiencies in the bank-customer relationship.
The investor can also count on the exclusive skills of Consultique in identifying the best managers in the world, capable of performing a truly active management service.


In the financial world, the selling of product involves the transfer of risk and commission to the customer: the higher the level of risk
transferred, the greater the fees collected by the agent for the product.
For example, the structured derivatives sold to companies, public and private administrations, have a higher commission than that of an equity fund, which in turn is higher than that of a bond fund, which in turn is higher than a money market fund and so on.
Investors, who often have difficulty understanding the products within their portfolio, are not always fully aware of the risk inherent in their investment.
Given its independence and significant expertise, Consultique is uniquely placed to provide high quality advice to assist its clients in rebalancing the risks involved in their investments.

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