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Who can start a professional office?

Private banker, tied agent, retail banker
For a banker or a tied agent, independent consultancy represents a real opportunity for professional growth but specifically, a way to exit a commission system dictated by conflicts of interest that often penalizes an investor’s interest. With our support it is possible to become an independent financial consultant. In this way, the process moves from simply selling products (necessary for tied agent to achieve a budget) to a job where the consultant “sells” information about the best investment solutions for the client.

Accountant and Business Consultant
The offer of a full range of professional office services along with the financial consultancy is the objective of a growing number of accountants and business consultants.  
How many times has a firm asked you for suggestions about issues with its bank or about its own financial situation?
How many times have you thought that this kind of advice is an opportunity which shouldn’t be missed?
Would you like to expand the range of services provided by your office to include also fee-only financial consultancy?
With our support you will be able to provide significant value-added services. Concrete experience shows that accountants and business consultants are best-equipped of all corporate entities to meet the demand for financial advice since they start from an ideal position, since they already know the economic situation of their clients.

Consultique offers you all tools and know-how to successfully quick-start an additional consulting service within your already existing professional office.

New Graduates and a passionate people about Finance
Many young people who wish to work in the finance sector have started with a tied agent network because of their wish to become a “financial consultant”. But after a few days, they realize that the work of the tied agent today is only a sales activity for products and services where success depends on commercial skills rather than competence and professionalism.

In fact, it often happens that companies "push" products that are not always the most  effective or appropriate for investors’ needs. These situations can put sellers in a difficult position with their clients who are sometimes friends and business colleagues.
If your objective is to become a professional, this is the right path to follow. As a fee-only financial planner, you need only worry about serving the client's interests. As a Consultique partner, you will have the tools, know how, services and support to offer real financial advice and not operate as a mere seller of products.

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